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Bella Body Technique

Stretch and Strength That's Sustainable.

Looking to improve your technique? Gain flexibility? Build strength and stamina? Whether you are a dancer, gymnast, ice skater, or just looking for fitness, Sofia's approach is customized to serve the INDIVIDUAL. By assessing each clients personal goals, history, strengths, and weaknesses, Sofia creates a unique training program unlike generic technique classes. ALL levels. ALL ages.

Sofia Mahdavi is a professional dancer, choreographer, and international rhythmic gymnastics coach. She has traveled around the world competing and teaching master classes to rhythmic gymnasts. Sofia's approach is rooted in the grace and strength of rhythmic gymnastics. She has 13 years of experience in the sport, training alongside Russian and Mexican National Team, and has been a regular and seasonal coach at the renown Champion Rhythmics in Southern California, where she grew up training under Russian National Champion Masha Kalushkaya Weitz. She's also taught at Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy of Iran, Brickhouse NYC, Mary Murphy's Champion Ballroom Academy, Murrietta Dance Project, etc.

Why Bella body technique?

Throughout my years as a rhythmic gymnast and dancer, I have watched countless athletes filled with unlimited potential fall to injury and malnourishment. I want to enforce a method that prioritizes injury prevention and LONG TERM technique that’s sustainable. By evaluating each individual's unique strengths and weaknesses head on, we can actively work against possible injury as no one method works for every body. We will also place emphasis on nourishment and body positivity as many athletes face injury and limited athletic performance as a result of malnourishment. As a working artist in NYC, I understand the need for flexible scheduling. I'm here to help you reach your training goals while leading fast paced, busy lives. @sofiabellaofficial


Manhattan, NY 

San Diego, CA




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