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I founded in 2017, because I never wanted anyone to feel alone the way I did with my eating disorder. Today, I use my platform as an advocate for eating disorder recovery. 
Hello Self Project is a community organization that promotes body positivity and self love to raise awareness towards eating disorders and dismantle diet culture and fat phobia. 
1. Through various works of art (film, dance, photography...) we strive to raise awareness for eating disorders and inspire those struggling to adopt a healthy and loving attitude towards themselves. 
All projects are created by volunteer effort and no profit is made by the Hello Self Project as artwork and productions serve solely to benefit society.
2. The organization aims to create a safe and supportive online community where those fighting eating disorders or mental illness can look to each other for inspiration, support, and motivation. 
The community reminds others that they are not alone and allows them to interact with those that can truly understand and relate to their situation. In this way, the individuals may help each other grow. The organization will be releasing an interactive community page soon. Guidance and motivation can also be found on the site's blog which consists of entries from our staff around the world!

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