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Actress, Singer, Dancer, Filmmaker, Model, Rhythmic Gymnast and International Coach

Founder of Hello Self Project

Director of MENA Artists Initiative



"In a world where we fail to face the injustice and hardship of a dehumanized people, we must stand up and give the dehumanized a face. This is my life's mission." -Sofia Mahdavi


Sofia Mahdavi is an actress, singer, dancer, model, director, and filmmaker pursuing a BFA in Tisch Drama with a minor in producing. A passionate activist, all of Sofia's work is driven by calls for reform and social justice. She works professionally as a dance instructor, choreographer, and international rhythmic gymnastics coach. After 10 years of competing internationally in rhythmic gymnastics, Sofia began teaching master classes in countries like Iran and Mexico, while coaching at Champion Rhythmics in San Diego, California. Sofia has spearheaded initiatives like Dancers Without Borders and created international documentaries influencing homelessness and immigration issues. She is half Iranian and half Mexican and extremely proud of it.

Recent credits include:

KC Hamada's opening for Kendrick Lamar's F1 Dubai Concert (dancer), Amrika (Watfa), To Pimp a Butterfly (Choreographer), How to Make Friends and Then Kill Them (Ada), Temporary People Abu Dhabi (Ensemble), Ahoyka "Not Today" (lead actor).


Sofia is co-founder and director of the MENA Artists Initiativea community platform dedicated to the representation, support, and collaboration of underrepresented groups of Middle Eastern and North African artists. She facilitates a global network for artistic exchange between the United States and Middle Eastern and North African countries. Though born at Tisch School of the Arts, Sofia has developed branches of the initiative at NYU Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Lebanon while regularly collaborating with the professional industry. By creating networks between up and coming artists and those already making an impact, she hopes to see greater MENA representation in the arts on a global scale. 

She is also the founder and executive director of the nonprofit organization the Hello Self Project where she empowers those struggling with eating disorders towards body positivity through artistic projects and a community platform (since 2017).




Tel: (858) 568-6409

Instagram: @sofiabellaofficial

@helloselfproject, @menaartistsinitiative


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